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Borgo San Vito is located in the middle of the Pollino National Park.

One of the most beautiful National Parks in Europe, and the largest in Italy for extension. During your stay you can go hiking, walk in the wild and unspoiled nature, observe animals and birds of prey, but also learn about traditional customs and taste the authentic dishes of a gastronomy with ancient recipes. Established in 1993, the Park preserves and protects, under its emblem, some rare plants, including the Loricato Pine.
From a naturalistic point of view, this area is of considerable importance, given also the forests of holm oaks, maples and beeches that cover it, the different rivers that cross it, including Sinni, and the different species of animals that inhabit it: from the wolf to the wild cat, from the squirrel to the wild boar, without forgetting the roe deer and the majestic deer.

You can stay a few kilometers from Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019.

City located on a rocky outcrop in Basilicata, Southern Italy. It includes the area of the Sassi, a complex of Cave Houses dug into the mountain. Evacuated in 1952 due to poor living conditions, the Sassi now house museums such as the Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario, with antique furniture and handcrafted tools. One of the nearby rupestrian churches is Santa Lucia alle Malve, with 13th century frescoes.
The Sassi were recognized on 9 December 1993 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Divided by two ancient districts of the city: Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso. In front of them there is the Murgia, protected by the Regional Natural Archaeological Regional Park of the Rock Churches.
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The sea a few miles away, your holidays between Meratea and the Ionian coast..

If you stay in our Holiday Home during the summer, you can choose several different destinations to spend some days at the beach. We are about 80 km from the Tyrrhenian coast Lucana where Maratea is located, a maritime village with beaches and inlets among the most beautiful in Italy. Also famous for the "Cristo di Maratea" located on top of the mountain that descends to the sea. You will discover fantastic places like the Black Beach, Illicini and "I Vranne" (Named in 2016 the most beautiful beach in Italy).
Proceeding eastwards for about 60km, you arrive at the Ionian coast. Famous for its long sandy beaches and numerous bathing facilities. You can visit the Metapontino known for its Greek origins, with numerous historical artifacts, among the most famous "the Palatine Tables"; and Policoro, home to numerous summer night spots and known for its beautiful seafront.

Our Holiday House is located in the country of Fardella in the province of Potenza.

Its delightful town is surrounded by rich wooded areas rich in vegetation. In the historic center of Fardella you can admire several historic buildings and the mother church dedicated to Sant’Antonio di Padova, the town's protector. Wandering through the alleys and narrow streets of Fardella, you can admire the charming historic center, intrigued by the windows and balconies decorated with plants and flowers and graceful and open loggias supported by beautiful shelves and balustrades.
Fardella is one of the many small villages characteristic of this area Lucana, such as Chiaromonte, Senise or Teana. The surrounding area is rich in cereals, wine grapes and olives that contribute to making traditional dishes of the region delicious. Very tasty are the "rascatelli" seasoned with legumes, artisanal cheeses and then cold cuts, all washed down with good local wine. (Source basilicatauristica.it)